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The Woody RV Goes to Lake Tahoe!

The Woody RV takes the family on a very special trip…a trip that reunites me with my college best friends!  Last Thursday we dusted off the rig, gave it our 5-Point RV Service, loaded up with mountain toys and were off on the 10 hour trip from Orange County to Lake Tahoe!

We drove the 395 up through Bishop, past Mammoth, through Red Rock Canyon, along Mono Lake and up over the pass and down to Lake Tahoe.  We arrived just as the sun was setting.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Well worth trip.  I was very anxious to say the least to see my friends and their children, many of whom I’d yet to meet.

We arrived at Jon and Shana’s cabin in Carnelian Bay, backed the Woody into their driveway and set up camp for the weekend.  The RV outdoor entertainment center and BBQ was all the excitement of the evening and made for some memorable cookouts and great times together!

There was very minimal snow on the ground, a record low for Tahoe at this time of year. It existed at the ski resorts and small patches at the top of the hiking trails.  The weather was 70 degrees during the day and we made the most of it. We hiked, laughed, mountain biked, laughed, rock-crawled down the Rubicon, laughed, paddle boarded, laughed, skied, laughed, and laughed some more…

My daughter, Addison, 5 years old, said “Mommy!  I am in LOVE with Tahoe”!  I downheartedly agreed!  This was a fabulous trip!

Have you had such a trip to Tahoe?  Share your experience if you agree!