The RV Lifestyle

It is an adventure of its own – living the RV lifestyle. If you have been there and done that, you will realize it is not just about the freedom of movement that entices you but rather the complete package that it brings along. There has been a phenomenal shift over from traditional brick and mortar homes to the RV motor homes. If you are one of those who have tasted the RV lifestyle, you would agree to the fact that it is truly addictive.

There is a lot that makes the RV lifestyle worthwhile and endearing. Here are a few advantages to get you thinking along the same lines.

Picturesque Surroundings

What is the best you can do when there is an unsightly something right outside your brick and mortar house? It probably includes shutting down the doors and windows and drawing the curtains to veil it out of sight. It isn’t the same with the RV!

While you can pretty much veil it if you choose to, you can always drive around and park somewhere else if you decide otherwise. This does not only mean you will be changing the sights pretty often, it also means you can keep the curtains up without compromising on the sights!

So you can enjoy days overlooking the beach, sipping coffee over the vividly beautiful sunset, partying in the dense green parks and doing almost anything wild that you ever thought about! So much for the brick and mortar homes and their pricelessness!

Comfort Away From Home

Most RVs these days are furnished in ways that may prove to be more comfortable than even the brick and mortar homes. Besides being compact, everything installed in the RV has a purpose. The cargo space allows you to carry everything you would need while camping around the place.

Moreover, if you are docked in an area for a prolonged time period, you can always improvise on the indoor space and build your temporary outdoor area. It makes you let go of the zillion things you do not need and that just occupies space in your brick and mortar attics or cellars.


Maintaining a RV versus Maintaining a House

The cost benefit analysis reveals that maintaining a RV is a lot more affordable and easier than maintaining a house. With lesser space to clean and robust factory-fitted mechanisms, your RV is significantly easier to keep up. Besides, the RV lifestyle calls for lesser litter and more productive use of time and space. So while you might need to inspect every nook and corner of your house to declare it absolutely clean, with RVs the process is a lot simpler and less time-consuming.

In the End…

While there is a lot about the RV lifestyle that makes it look an absolutely must-have for all, it is wise to keep it in mind that it is not for everyone. There is a lot you need to sacrifice while hiking on the roads. If you are not prepared for it, it is best left until a later date when you will be.



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