OCRV Center is at THE BEST RV SHOW at The Fairplex Pomona

Come out and see OCRV Center at the Fairplex in Pomona! The 63rd annual California RV Show is rated as THE BEST RV SHOW in the country. There are amazing things to see and do with the whole family. Be sure to stop by the Red Woody RV and enter your name into a drawing to win a custom TV installation (a $2,000 value) or a gift certificate of $500 to use towards any service provided by OCRV!

See you there!!!

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-Custom Interior and Exterior Entertainment Centers
-Frame Straightening and Full Service Repair Shop and much more!!!!


The Woody RV Goes to Lake Tahoe!

The Woody RV takes the family on a very special trip…a trip that reunites me with my college best friends!  Last Thursday we dusted off the rig, gave it our 5-Point RV Service, loaded up with mountain toys and were off on the 10 hour trip from Orange County to Lake Tahoe!

We drove the 395 up through Bishop, past Mammoth, through Red Rock Canyon, along Mono Lake and up over the pass and down to Lake Tahoe.  We arrived just as the sun was setting.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Well worth trip.  I was very anxious to say the least to see my friends and their children, many of whom I’d yet to meet.

We arrived at Jon and Shana’s cabin in Carnelian Bay, backed the Woody into their driveway and set up camp for the weekend.  The RV outdoor entertainment center and BBQ was all the excitement of the evening and made for some memorable cookouts and great times together!

There was very minimal snow on the ground, a record low for Tahoe at this time of year. It existed at the ski resorts and small patches at the top of the hiking trails.  The weather was 70 degrees during the day and we made the most of it. We hiked, laughed, mountain biked, laughed, rock-crawled down the Rubicon, laughed, paddle boarded, laughed, skied, laughed, and laughed some more…

My daughter, Addison, 5 years old, said “Mommy!  I am in LOVE with Tahoe”!  I downheartedly agreed!  This was a fabulous trip!

Have you had such a trip to Tahoe?  Share your experience if you agree!


The Absolute Need for RV service in Orange County

Whom would you go to if you suddenly spotted water damage in your RV? What would be your options if you had a collision, and your RV needed serious repair and collision services? What would you do if your interior seems terribly outdated, and you just want to redo it? In cases like these, the need for a premium RV service in Orange County becomes even clearer.

Collision Repair Services

RVs that suffered from terrible accidents came to Orange County’s premium body shop for repair, and when they left, they looked perfectly brand new. When you see your damaged RV, you just don’t know if it would be back in shape, but when we see a damaged RV, we see broken headlights, destroyed inner frame, smashed front cap, cracks in windshield along with other damages and try to get our skilled technicians to repair them step by step.

Paint Work

The paint of an RV clearly tells how well cared for, and loved it is. If the paint is faded, and chipped, it doesn’t really give a good impression. Moreover, different paint trends, decal and graphic work trends are all in, so it’s always a good idea to go a bit trendy with design, consult the paint and decal team at OCRV, discuss what you have in mind regarding the paint, go through their suggestions, and completely transform the outlook of your RV. OCRV used high quality paints and material to provide the best painting service in Orange County to RV owners, thus undoubtedly it’s your best bet!

Remodeling Expertise

With time, and use, the interior of an RV gets worn out. The carpet may fade, the sofa set may be grimy, the flooring may have turned into a dirty shade, and the lighting system may not work that well too. Not all this means that it’s time to change your RV. Of course, you can, but what if you can get the interior remodeled so smartly that it turns your RV into a masterpiece? Discuss your ideas and what you want, and find out how the professional remodeling team can help to renew the interiors of your RV.

Attention To Detailing

When you want to get your RV serviced, you expect the technicians to show as much concern for your RV as you do. Obviously you can’t take risks with your RV by handing it over for repair or service to any RV service facility, you need to make sure that the work will be guaranteed, expert technicians will be working on your RV, and all the issues in your RV will be identified and dealt with aptly. You can expect unmatched services from OCRV Center, the premier Luxury Motorcoach Dealership in Orange County; with its over 30 years of experience, and skilled teams that take utmost care of your RV, and pay attention to the minutest of details, you will be assured that your RV is in the best of hands.

Have you ever had any experience with OCRV? Let us know how it went. Feel free to visit OCRV to get a free estimate of the services you require for your RV.

The RV Lifestyle

It is an adventure of its own – living the RV lifestyle. If you have been there and done that, you will realize it is not just about the freedom of movement that entices you but rather the complete package that it brings along. There has been a phenomenal shift over from traditional brick and mortar homes to the RV motor homes. If you are one of those who have tasted the RV lifestyle, you would agree to the fact that it is truly addictive. Read more “The RV Lifestyle”