A Monaco Executive Oxford 4 Complete Interior Remodel and Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Center!!!

A Monaco Executive Oxford 4 Complete Interior Remodel and Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Center!!!

A complete remodel from headliner to floors, this RV is truly a one-of-a-kind home on wheels!!!

-Custom granite counter tops with subway tile back-splash
-40″ TV in the bedroom
-Custom leather wrapped dash with pull out cabinet, Alpine Navigation and Bluetooth System
-46″ Samsung TV installation above dash
-Complete granite shower and gorgeous shower fixtures with custom made glass enclosure
-A convenient large pull-out drawer under the bed
-Radiant-heat wood floors
-Leather driver and passenger seats, dinette and sofa
-MCD shades
-A built-in outdoor entertainment center with Bluetooth
-Cool and ambient lighting fixtures
-Custom knobs, pulls, hinges and much more…..

You HAVE to see this video!

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2004 Monaco Windsor Class A Before and After

The OCRV CENTER team has done it again!!!!! A very good customer of ours had a very unfortunate accident and blew a tire out on the freeway. Thank goodness no one was hurt! The 2004 Monaco Windsor did however take a great big hit! The before and after pictures speak for themselves!!!

Great going TEAM OCRV!!!!

Before Front
Before Front
Before Profile
Before Profile
Before Side
Before Side
Before Front
Before Front
After Side
After Side
After Side
After Side
After Profile
After Profile
After Front
After Front

Trailer Conversion for ATS

OCRV Center prides itself on being able to deliver custom solutions for our customers. We recently finished this trailer conversion for ATS who will be using it for transporting and showcasing some of their latest technologies.

They were in need of a modified trailer roof that could raise and lower allowing their machine to move inside the trailer unimpeded. OCRV Center came up with an elegant solution and everyone was happy with the results.




ATS Truck Project Details:

  • 400 man hours
  • 24v, 30 inch, 400 lb actuator
  • Bard 3.5 ton AC/Heat unit
  • Power tech 25kw diesel
  • Custom LED inside lighting
  • 040 aluminum trailer side panels

The Absolute Need for RV service in Orange County

Whom would you go to if you suddenly spotted water damage in your RV? What would be your options if you had a collision, and your RV needed serious repair and collision services? What would you do if your interior seems terribly outdated, and you just want to redo it? In cases like these, the need for a premium RV service in Orange County becomes even clearer.

Collision Repair Services

RVs that suffered from terrible accidents came to Orange County’s premium body shop for repair, and when they left, they looked perfectly brand new. When you see your damaged RV, you just don’t know if it would be back in shape, but when we see a damaged RV, we see broken headlights, destroyed inner frame, smashed front cap, cracks in windshield along with other damages and try to get our skilled technicians to repair them step by step.

Paint Work

The paint of an RV clearly tells how well cared for, and loved it is. If the paint is faded, and chipped, it doesn’t really give a good impression. Moreover, different paint trends, decal and graphic work trends are all in, so it’s always a good idea to go a bit trendy with design, consult the paint and decal team at OCRV, discuss what you have in mind regarding the paint, go through their suggestions, and completely transform the outlook of your RV. OCRV used high quality paints and material to provide the best painting service in Orange County to RV owners, thus undoubtedly it’s your best bet!

Remodeling Expertise

With time, and use, the interior of an RV gets worn out. The carpet may fade, the sofa set may be grimy, the flooring may have turned into a dirty shade, and the lighting system may not work that well too. Not all this means that it’s time to change your RV. Of course, you can, but what if you can get the interior remodeled so smartly that it turns your RV into a masterpiece? Discuss your ideas and what you want, and find out how the professional remodeling team can help to renew the interiors of your RV.

Attention To Detailing

When you want to get your RV serviced, you expect the technicians to show as much concern for your RV as you do. Obviously you can’t take risks with your RV by handing it over for repair or service to any RV service facility, you need to make sure that the work will be guaranteed, expert technicians will be working on your RV, and all the issues in your RV will be identified and dealt with aptly. You can expect unmatched services from OCRV Center, the premier Luxury Motorcoach Dealership in Orange County; with its over 30 years of experience, and skilled teams that take utmost care of your RV, and pay attention to the minutest of details, you will be assured that your RV is in the best of hands.

Have you ever had any experience with OCRV? Let us know how it went. Feel free to visit OCRV to get a free estimate of the services you require for your RV.

Renew your interior with the Premier RV Facility in Orange County

Everyone who owns an RV absolutely loves it. And when you love something, you desire to take extraordinary care of it.  Who doesn’t want to get excellent services for their RV? In addition, won’t it be a blessing, if the different RV services are all available under one roof? It’s really a blessing to have a premier RV luxury dealership in town to service your coach.

Many a times, RV users don’t know the causes of decline in their RV’s performance levels, and when they figure out that there are some issues in the roof, or the panel, or the engine, they are not usually able to pinpoint the root cause.

It would save you a great deal of money, if you properly maintain your RV and take it to a body shop periodically to get it checked. This will ensure that damages are prevented, and costs are saved, and will not get your vehicle to the point when you need to get it renewed.

rv cabin remodel-21

Regular Maintenance

Over time, every vehicle’s performance and appearance tends to decline a bit, due to running, wear and tear, dents, and foul weather as well. In such cases, the RV must be taken to facilities that cater to all of RV’s service and repair needs for regular maintenance. RVs must be taken to RV body shops with professional staff that can provide amazing service, and find out the root causes that are creating problems in the RV to deal with them accordingly.


Oil and filter changing

Just like cars, and all other vehicles, the filters and oil of RVs must be changed too, to keep the engine running smoothly. If the oil and filters are left ignored for a long time, this can cause the engine to seize at a point in time, which can turn out to be very costly. Therefore, it is good to get an oil change after every 3500- 4500 miles, however, it would be better if you check your vehicle’s manual  for specific advice.

Roofing Inspection

The roof seals and seams of the RV must be inspected periodically, to ensure that they are in proper condition. In case you have a rubber roof, get it treated at least yearly. Little steps are all you need to keep your RV running great.

rv cabin remodel-24

Collision Repair Services

No job is difficult for the skilled repairing professionals at Orange County’s premium RV service body shop.  In case of any collision, or any damage to your RV, avail your insurance, and renew your RV by bringing it to the OCRV body shop. Whether your side wall needs replacement, or your fiber glass has cracked, OCRV will leave you stress-free and provide you guarantee for the excellent work done on your RV.

Paint and Decal Work

Has the paint on your RV faded away which gives it a very outdated look? No matter how much you care for your RV, the paint can fade out a bit with time. In such cases, you can easily get your RV painted in your favorite color and desired designs at the best paint shop in town.


Have you gotten bored of the interior of your RV? Why not get it remodeled? If you have some ideas for remodeling, share them with OCRV remodeling professionals, and they will be able to fix up a customized and trendy look for your treasured RV.

Visit https://ocrvcenter.com/contact-us/ to get a free quote for your RVs renewal services.

The Unmatched RV Services By OCRV In Orange County


If you own an RV in Orange County, you must be aware that it is significantly important to indulge in RV service to maintain it in the best condition. Your RV is just like your second home, thus it’s essentially important that you ensure that it is well cared for, and take it to the best RV dealership in town.

“RV Service you can count on!”

OCRV Center is the premier, luxury dealership located in Orange County, California, that offers unmatched services for its customers using RV’s. Hence, if your RV is not quite old, and just needs a bit of repair work, OCRV is your best bet, because it has a rich experience of over 35 years in dealing with everything related to RVs. However, if your RV has gotten quite old over time, and you need a fresh look for it, you can still find the company useful, as you can get your RV painted using OCRV’s exceptional paint services that will make you fall in love with your RV all over again.

If you are simply bored of the interior of your RV, why don’t you think about getting it remodeled? On the other hand, if you unfortunately had a big accident, and your RV is damaged to a great extent, then you still don’t need to worry at all, OCRV’s collision and repair services experts will use their expertise and make your RV look as good as new. So, what are you waiting for?

OCRV is undoubtedly the best RV dealer in town, and will prove to be your top choice for repairs, paintwork, remodeling or overall maintenance. Ask around Orange County, and you will hear the best about OCRV!

Accepts All Insurances

One of the best things about OCRV that is widely appreciated by its customers is that it simple accepts all insurances. IF you have your OCRV, ensured, why not make the most out of it, and benefit from OCRV’s RV body shop in Orange County.

Skilled Professionals

The premier RV body shop has all it takes to provide its RV customers with best service in town. The body shop is all equipped with passion, experience, expertise, and tools, to cater to the myriad needs of RV owners. AT OCRV, your RV is treated like a royalty; only expert metalworkers, carpenters, service technicians, and paint technicians work on the RV service.


Sports-Coach-Legend-RV-Paint-and-Collision-Repair-at-OCRV-BeforeRV Collision Repair

RV repair is one of the most reliable services offered by OCRV. Take a look at its RV collision repair services, and you will be convinced that you must get the best service for your OCRV. Doesn’t matter, if there’s a small dent on the bumper, or if a whole wall or roof needs to be repaired or replaced; trust RV repair and body services to repair your RV and bring it back in shape. Even if there’s a crack on the glass, premier RV service can make it go away.



Interior Remodeling

You don’t need to hunt for RV interior remodeling services anywhere else if you want what’s best for your beloved RV. OCRV in California offers excellent services in terms of interior remodeling. Indeed, the Orange County’s premium body shop can build in new cabinets for your kitchen, upgrade the electronics of your RV, furnish your RV bedroom, come up with amazing lighting solution and custom-built windows for you, and even furnish your RV with rich furniture.

RV paint and graphics

Due to wear and tear, or foul weather, the paint of your OCRV can understandably get quite dull, and tarnish its appearance, why not change the color with Orange County’s amazing RV paint shop? Share your design ideas with the paint and graphics team, or find out the customs designs, and the unique color schemes, and rich furnishes that OCRV’s pain experts can whizz up for you. Not only is the work long-lasting, but is guaranteed too.

Read our reviews here and don’t wait anymore, your RV deserves to be pampered with the best RV service in town. Log on to the website, and get a free quote as soon as possible.

RV Cabin Remodel

With any RV cabin remodel, we really strive for excellence. It’s important to us to ensure that our customers walk away excited about their newly remodeled RV cabin. Here are some examples of just one RV we did.

Airstream Body Repair

Airstream body repair

Airstream body repair is always a fun project for us. Airstream RV’s have a great look to them and when we have one come into our repair shop all smashed up, we look forward to the opportunity to bring it back to it’s original glory!

When it comes to Airstream body repair, OCRV Center has you covered!

With our RV repair shop setup for Airstream body repair, we can take any amount of damage done to your coach and make it look like it just drove off the factory line!

[twentytwenty] airstream repair
airstream repair